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Baby sitter sister

baby sitter sister

In the first book of the Babysitter's Little Sister series, Karen is convinced that her next door neighbor, Mrs. Porter, is a witch. Mrs. Porter has frizzy gray hair. 13 Sep Usually, I refer to the person who looks after the baby when its parents are out as a babysitter, but my friend said that job should be called. Ann M. Martin. Karen's Baby-sitter Ann M. Martin BAB Y Karen's Baby-sitter S I T Little Sister Ann. Front Cover.

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Karen has four grandmothers! Karen's dad thinks Karen and David Michael don't have manners, so he sends them off to a special school with manners. Colman's class, including Karen, facialcumshot gay outdoors in a Thanksgiving play. When Karen's class wins a real live turkey, they plan to make him a star of the school's Thanksgiving assembly. Karen, Nancy, and Hannie baby sitter sister a spooky experience in a haunted house. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Karen and Andrew are sad that they only get to see their father and stepmother two weekends out of each month. baby sitter sister

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