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Usa spying

usa spying

PRISM is a code name for a program under which the United States National Security Agency .. to shield citizens from online surveillance in the wake of revelations about a far-reaching spying program by the U.S. National Security Agency. Admittedly, the relationship between the US and Germany is complex, and it's The US could be more polite and apologetic to the Germans about spying, but. 24 Oct Analysis A battle has broken out in US Congress over a controversial spying program. Two competing pieces of draft legislation have been.


10 Surprising Ways the Government is Spying on You 18 Jan The Senate joined the House in passing a six-year renewal of Section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, over the objections of. How an Irish Court Ruling Could Affect U.S. Spying. By Ashley Gorski, Staff Attorney, ACLU National Security Project. April 20, | PM. Tags. This is a list of spies who engaged in direct espionage. It includes Americans spying against their own country and people spying on behalf of America. usa spying

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